What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat

snapchat PendingSnapchat is one of the most popular picture/video sending applications available. People of all ages adore the application that lets you send pictures, videos, and text to your friends all around the world allowing them brief glimpses into your daily life that fade away after a maximum of ten seconds. Snapchat provides its users with a simple, clean interface and easy to use tools that allow even the most technologically impaired person to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

However, the above is not to say that Snapchat is not without its faults or confusing lingo. One of the problems plaguing users is the pending notification that appears in app over a recently sent picture or video. Like many, you’re probably confused by what this means. Not to worry though, we’ll answer it for you and teach you how to navigate around this annoying issue.

1. What does pending mean on Snapchat?

Simply put, it means your snap has not been sent out yet and is waiting to be sent. While snaps are normally instant, there can be a few reasons why it isn’t being sent out right away. Typically this happens because of one or two things: A. It hasn’t been sent out yet because of a network or connection issue orB. The person you are trying to send your snap to has not added you yet.

2. So what do I do if I see a pending notification due to a network issue?

Your best course of action is to wait a few moments and be patient. More than likely, you do not have a strong data connection and your phone cannot send it. This typically happens when you are out of range of a cell phone tower or traveling through a wooded area. However, if the problem keeps occurring despite the fact that you have good service we recommend closing the application, waiting a few moments, then reopening the app to see if it sent. If it still has not, you may have an error with your application and need to contact Snapchat directly. Also, don’t worry about losing that amazing snap you sent out disappearing before anyone gets to see it; as long as it’s still pending your snap won’t disappear without being seen at some point.

3. What do I do if a see a pending notification due to the fact that the person has not added me yet?

Here, we recommend contacting your friend. If they are new to Snapchat, they might be having problems figuring out how to add and approve contacts so help them out! Your friend may also be having network issues and cannot add you right away. They may also be busy at work, away from their phone, out with family, or a million and one other reasons so be patient! You’ll be snapping away together in no time. In short, your best course of action when dealing with the annoying pending icon is to simply be patient. Your friend will add you back in due time and once you have good service again the pending will disappear from your life. So keep calm and snap on!