How Do Snapchat Points Work

Snapchat PointsAn estimated 400 million Snaps are sent via Snapchat on a daily basis across the globe. The popularity surrounding the interactive mobile app is causing smartphone owners to become more and more interested in answering one primary question: “How do Snapchat points work?” Snapchat points, also known as Snapchat scores, refer to points that are accumulated when sending and receiving Snaps.

Typically, Snapchat users report that they receive 1 Snapchat point for each individual Snap that they send and receive, but these numbers have been known to fluctuate. There are times when certain Snaps seem to bring in a larger amount of points, or even cause a random reduction in points altogether. Fortunately, there are ways for users to access and increase their Snapchat scores in a fun and approachable manner.

Step 1: Analyze Your Current Snapchat Score

Before you try to accumulate a heightened amount of Snapchat points, it can be beneficial to learn how to assess and evaluate the current amount of Snapchat points that you already have, in order to determine how many points you are consistently receiving for each action. This can be done by: – Navigating to your “Received Snaps” page. – Clicking the large banner that reads, “Snapchat” across the aqua background. – Viewing the number that is shown under your username, which appears to be a combination of two variables.

These two numbers indicate the formula calculated to form your final Snapchat score. The number to the left points to the number of Snaps that you have sent, and the number to the right is the amount of Snaps that you have received. Knowing your current score is a great way to determine how active you want to remain, based on how much you would like your Snapchat score to increase.

Step Two: Understand the Snapchat Point “Theories”

It may be true that nobody is quite sure exactly how Snapchat points are calculated, but there are a few popular theories on how they come up with the final scores. Two of these main theories are: – For every Snap that you send, you receive one point, and for every Snap that you receive, you gain another point.

However, this theory often proves to be inconclusive, due to the sum of many user scores proving to be inaccurate. – Each Snap that is sent to the first 3 recipients gives the user 12 points. For each additional Snap sent, the user receives 20 points. These theories hold major weight in how Snapchat points are calculated, but they still seem to lack consistency similar to the frequency of how often scores are updated. Fortunately, these theories are accurate enough to provide guidelines to Snapchat users when it comes to predicting the activity behind their own Snapchat points, as well as the point values of their friend’s scores.

Step Three: Start Gaining More Points

Now that you have a solid understanding regarding, “How do Snapchat points work?”, you can now work on increasing your score to one that you find sufficient. Snapchat points rise when you remain active on the app, and here are some of the ways that you can do this: – Engage in chats with fellow Snapchat users with text-integrated photos to start conversations. – Expand the conversation by forwarding the same Snap to other users on your list. – Take more photographs and incorporate related phrases into the images so that your friends will recognize your stable activity levels, sending you more Snaps as a result.

Almost 1 out of every 4 adults is an active user of the Snapchat application, and that number is predicted to increase overtime. The heightened popularity surrounding the app causes even more of a rise in curiosity amongst smartphone users to learn how to utilize the application’s features. By taking advantage of this knowledge surrounding the dynamics of the Snapchat point system, you will be able to engage in the art of sending and receiving Snaps on the trending application in no time.