What is Snapchat Purple Square/Box Icon?

Snapchat Purple SquareSnapchat is one of the most popular instant picture sharing applications available. It is available for both iOS and Android, and there are also some third party snapchat utilities which can be used with Windows mobile. Snapchat makes it possible to share a picture or video of anything with people, safe in the knowledge that it will be deleted once its been viewed.

This guide will explain exactly what is Snapchat purple square/box icon that people have been noticing recently. This should make it much easier for you to use the application to the best of its ability.

Step 1 – Understanding the Purple Square Box

When you get a new Snapchat message you will quite often see a purple box instead of a thumbnail of the image. The purple box actually means that the person has sent you video content. If you see a solid purple box then this means that it’s a new video message you haven’t watched. If there is a purple box with an orange outline then this means that it’s a viewed video.

Step 2 – Playing the Video

When you see the purple box you will know that you have received a video message. In this case you simply need to press on the message to open it up. Then press and hold to play the video. The video will then start to be played so that you can reply or send a new video back to the person.

Step 3 – Troubleshooting Video Issues

Many people using Snapchat have experienced problems when they receive the purple box as they are unable to play back the video. This can be very frustrating because you can’t access the content. Make sure that your version of iOS or Android is installed with all of the latest updates. This will ensure that the videos can be played back without any problem.

If you still have problems then you must ensure that the Snapchat app itself is updated. Video sharing is a relatively new feature and so if you have a very old version of the app you might face problems. If you are running Android and still having problems then install a video player such as MXPlayer. This will include all of the codecs and software required to decode and play back the videos on your device.

Step 4 – Sending Video Messages

Once you understand what the purple box means on Snapchat, and you have managed to watch other peoples videos, you might want to send your own. Sending a video using Snapchat is very straightforward. The videos can be 15 seconds long and can only be played once, this should mean you don’t need to worry about any ending up on video sharing sites.

To take a video message open Snapchat and point the camera at the subject of your video. Then press and hold the shutter button without taking your finger off. This will start capturing and the button will turn pink to show it’s recording. Once you are done it can then be sent to any contacts you want.