Does Snapchat save snaps?

Snapchat save snapsPeople often wonder if Snapchat saves snaps. Unfortunately, the app itself does not have an option to save snaps. The creators of the application say the point of the app is to send quick pictures, which instantly disappear, thus why there isn’t an option to save them. Fortunately, there are ways around this.

There are many apps out there which allow you to save snaps in Snapchat, on both iPhone and Android:

Snapbox, Snapchat Saver, SnapCrack, SaveMySnaps, SnapSave, SnapSpy and many more. Unfortunately, these apps are not free, and they sometimes require in-app purchases. Luckily, there is a free and relatively easy way to save snaps without using a third-party app. Keep reading to learn four ways to stealthily save snaps in SnapChat.

A) Using another mobile device or a camera:

1. Use a camera or another mobile device to take a picture of the mobile device where you have the Snapchat app installed. Open the snap you want to save. While it is displayed, take a picture of the screen with your second mobile device or camera.

B) Using a file managing software:

1. Download a file managing software like iSpirit, iUtility or iFunbox to your computer. This software will allow you to browse the files on your mobile device while it is connected to your computer.

2. Browse the files on your phone carefully. You will find temporary snaps from Snapchat. Those are the snaps sent to you which you still haven’t opened. Remember, if you plan on saving snaps, do not open them when you receive them. When you’ve found the temporary files, copy them and paste them to your system. You can only do this before you have opened the snaps in Snapchat.

C) Using a data recovery software:

1) Download and install a data recovery software on your phone. Run the software. The software will recover any deleted or lost files within a certain period of time. The Snapchat snaps you have opened and which have been destroyed during that period of time will be recoverd. This can only be done for snaps you have opened.

D) While opening the snap, take a screenshot on your iPhone by holding down the home button and the power button at the same time and put your finger on the screen to keep the picture. Let go of the picture and let the app go back to the snap section. Quickly tap the home button twice before the snap disappears. This is meant to fool Snapchat and cancels its detection of the snap being opened. Once this is done you will be able to view the snap as many times as you wish. It will be saved within the Snapchat app.

These tricks are easy to perform, and they work well. Of course, the point is secretly taking a capture of the snaps. We advise that you never disclose to anyone that you do save Snapchat snaps as it can lead people to stop sending you snaps. It also violates Snapchat TOS, so better keep it a secret!