What does the Smiling Face emoji mean in Snapchat?

We have all heard about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but what about Snapchat? I personally absolutely love it and if you have ever tried it you are most likely an avid Snapchat user just like I am. I have been addicted since day one. I snap about absolutely anything and everything. I snap with my friends, with my family, and I even snap with some pretty major bands and web pages as well!

Well if this all rings true for you as well then you have definitely noticed that it was recently updated. If so it is highly likely that you also snapped someone about the update. It’s alright, you can admit it!  The Update In that recent update you may have noticed a new feature as well. I sure did and at first I was rather confused myself. So what does the Smiling Face emoji mean in Snapchat?

Well wait no longer my fellow snapchatters as I have the answers for you and they are just words away! If you have been a long time user of Snapchat like myself, then you may recall that their used to be a way to see your friends “best friends” via Snapchat. Well now this new feature gives you that ability back and it has been much improved and enhanced for all of your snapping fun! New and edgy emoji’s await.

Snapchat Smiling Face emojiThe Breakdown The simplest of smiley emoji’s that you will see is what indicates that you are best friends with the corresponding snapchatter. This is similar to the feature that was available “back in the day”! Now lets look at the new and improved enhancements that were included in this recent release. The next smiley emoji in Snapchat that I am going to talk about is the one with the cool sunglasses. This rad little smiley indicates that you and the corresponding snapchatter share a mutual best friend!

Would it be appropriate to call this one your Besties Bestie? The awesome little emoji that has the sly looking grin on its face, that emoji indicates that the fellow snapchatter that you are corresponding with has you as their best friend. However this also indicates that they are not your best friend. Woops 😉 The next emoji that I will discuss is the fire symbol. This emoji indicates that you and the snapchatter that you are corresponding with have responded back and forth for a number of days, which are also indicated. This definitely has to be one of my favorites. What is your longest running flame? The heart symbol indicates that you and the referenced snapchatter are in fact each others number one best friends.

HIGH FIVE for being the ultimate Snapchat besties! This emoji definitely holds some value among true to heart snapchatters and romantic couples alike. So now the mysteries of the universe, the galaxy and the unknown have been solved. Ok well maybe not exactly that, but if you are a Snapchat addict like myself it definitely could feel that way being in the dark on this information. Now having this information you will definitely feel more at ease! You can now go on about your day confidently knowing your current social status among your snap buddies.