Snapchat Sound is Not WorkingSnapchat is an incredible picture and video sharing app for Android and iOS devices with an interesting twist: the picture and video messages get deleted after a few seconds of opening them. Thanks to this amazing feature, the users will be sure that their privacy will be better protected by the app. Snapchat is more popular among the younger crowd, who are always willing to try out new applications which give them the power to carry on with their secretive lives. If you are having problems with sound on your Snapchat app, then there are many reasons why this might be happening. If you’re wondering, “Why isn’t my sound working on snapchat?” then the caused written below might explain what’s wrong with your application and the steps you need to take to rectify them.

Your phone is on vibrate/silent mode

However silly this may sound, one of the most common reasons why sound isn’t working on your Snapchat app is that you have kept your phone on vibrate or silent mode. Your phone can’t be on silent mode when sending or viewing videos. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hear sounds on your phone. Your phone will also not make any sound notifications when a new message arrives. If you haven’t turned the microphone option on your phone, then your recipients will not be able to hear sound in the videos you send them too. Hence, you need to enable the microphone along with putting your phone in non-silent mode for the sound to work properly.

You are connected to a Bluetooth network

While this is not usually the case, connecting to a Bluetooth network can affect the sound recording functionality on your phone. This is generally experienced by users who have their phone connected to the console on their cars. Switching off the Bluetooth connection will reverse the sound recording functionality back to normal on your phone’s Snapchat app.

You just updated you Operating System or Snapchat

Sometimes, when you update your operating system, or your application, the compatibility between them goes for a toss and some functionality is lost in the process. Usually, the app developers release an update which fixes the problem right way. However, the problem could also be with the sound drivers of your phone model. Head over to the technical support sections on Snapchat website and check whether other users are having a similar problem. If not, then you need to carefully analyze all the other points laid down above.

If you are not able to restore sound back to your Snapchat app in spite of following all the advice given above, then the best course of action would be to delete/uninstall the app from your phone, and then reinstall it back again. Make sure that everything is “on” in Snapchat’s settings and your phone’s volume is also at its maximum. If the sound still doesn’t work on your phone, then you have a very unique problem that needs special attention. Contact Snapchat for technical assistance on their website; they will get back to you as soon as possible with an appropriate solution.