How To Use Snapchat Video Chat?

Snapchat Video Chat

Snapchat Video ChatSo Snapchat has been out long enough that people have gotten bored with it, and this of course prompted an update of the app. That recent update gave onto the masses video chat and texting.  The one problem with this is that these new feature haven’t exactly come with a manual for usage. That lack of a manual has thus led to a need for articles like this one. In particular this article is about how to use Snapchat for video chatting.

Before we begin one small point should be made – there are several methods for saving videos and video chat from Snapchat at this point. Therefore think before you send anything you don’t want someone to keep or share. Cool? Alright.  First things first – have you actually updated your version of the app? Don’t worry if you haven’t – it wasn’t released all at once.

It’s been released at a staggered pacing, and you should receive a message about the update. Anyway if the new release is available for you then at some point you should be promoted to “tap twice for update”. Doing so will transport you to the app story, where you’ll be given the option to upgrade. As a note if you’ve any snaps or whatnot it’d behoove you to check them before updating.

Otherwise they’ll be lost forever and that would certainly be a minor tragedy. Now here is the important part – there should be a little colored icon above your onscreen keyboard. What you can or can’t do will depend on the coloring of that little button. If it’s yellow then that means you can snap text or just “normal” text someone. You can’t however video chat because you aren’t both on Wi-Fi or online at the same time.

However, when it’s blue that means both parties are on the same page – and that means possible video chatting. To get started all you have to do is hold down that blue button while your friend does the same. That brings up a bubble with your face on it! That said… there is one little thing to keep in mind.  You have to keep your finger(s) on that button at all times.

If you remove your finger at anytime then your chat will cease until you hold the button down again. That said the button is dragable, so you can hold it down while doing other things at the same time. One other point is that the view of the camera can be switched from front to back with a simple flick of the finger. Meaning you can mock nearby events while also giving reaction shots. Or you could do… other… more adult oriented things… although that is not suggested. And that’s basically it.

There have been some scattered reports of people having issues bringing up the app following update, but generally there aren’t any glitches to worry over. Just remember to hold down the blue button to chat, and that once video gets out it’s hard to erase it. Now go have fun!