How to start a Snapchat Streak?

start Snapchat StreakIn the past half decade, snapchat has become increasingly popular. In particular, Facebook and Twitter accounts are now proving to be of much significance. At the same time, the increased and refined features of snapchat have made its use and also socialization with others to become much easier. For example, inclusion of the snapchat streak has made snapchat to become extra engaging and a more sociable media platform. However, it is not yet clear to many on how to start a snapchat streak with favorite contact.

Nowadays, snapchat can detect 3 of your favorable and best friends that you have been in friendship action of late. This is made better especially if you have been sharing video, pictures, text, or even drawing. With these friends, you can simply make a snapchat streak. This article guides you on how to start a snapchat streak easily with your favorite friends;

a) You Need to Exist in Frequent Snapping With Your Favorite Friend

Snapchat is a system and a website just like any other. However, snapchat is designed to detect frequent snapping or communication among 2 people. Therefore, if you exist in a frequent engagement with your favorite person, it will come out that that person is your favorite friend. Frequent snapping or communication may be through exchanges of texts, images, photos, or drawings. For you to make a start a snapchat streak, you should engage in snapping between you and your friend. Then, your chat will be deemed and different from the other chats with other different contacts.

b) Fire Emoji Appearance

After a consistent snapping with your favorite friend, a fire emoji will appear over the favorite contact. It appears after 24 hours of snaps exchange between you and your friend. It shows you and your friend, too, that your friendship is on fire. This relationship is the snapchat streak. What becomes difficult is how to maintain the emoji sign for your hot relationship for a long time.

c) Maintaining the Emoji

You do not need to consistently chat with your favorite in order to maintain the emoji. Instead, you need to exchange images or pictures so as you can maintain fire in your relationship. Therefore, this snap exchange should exist back and forth between you and your friend within 24 hours. This will maintain the fire in your friendship for as long as you want.

d) Snapchat Streak Breakdown

However, in case you fail to exchange snaps with your favorite friend, an X-like sign will appear on your chat. This sign will notify you on the breakdown of your streak. Nonetheless, if you and your friend exchange a snap, you will re-ignite the fire in your friendship. From there, what you need to do is to ensure that you exchange at least a snap back and forth before 24 hours are gone.


Snapchat is an interactive platform which links people together to socialize easily. It can easily link you with your friend who is at a far distance. The recent updates and refinement of snapchat with the inclusion of snapchat streak has made this social platform more interesting and interactive.