How to start talking with the guy you like

start talking with the guy you likeTechnology has penetrated into almost all aspects of our lives, and this includes human interaction. Thank goodness you no longer have to call your crush’s house and experience an awkward moment while asking his mother whether he is around or not. Now you can simply send a text message directly to his phone

– and with picture messaging and emojis, indeed words aren’t necessary. With Snapchat, it is faster, easier as well as more fun to send instant picture messages with short lumps of text. Snapchat can be even more fun than talking in person and texting. It is a playful way to getting your flirt on.

Keep reading to find out ways you can use to flirt through Snapchat:

Send him naughty pictures This is an excellent way to start off. You can send a guy naughty photos without giving away so much. Moreover, this could be a good way to learn about the guy and how interested he seems. If you find it hard to get your own photos, you can check them on the internet. Most of these pictures are self-explanatory, but you can be creative and personalize your message not to sound too boring and generic. In addition, make sure you craft your messages in away that prompt a response from him.

Use symbolic pictures After getting comfortable with one another, you can now start sending him photos that are suggestive in order to hint your intentions. You can start off with simple symbols such as a heart, a kiss and teddy bear to express your feelings; thereafter progress to more elaborate photos. For instance, if you intend to go out for a dinner date, you can send him a photo of his favorite restaurant and may be say, “How about we have a romantic dinner this Saturday?”

Sexy photos always work magic

Note that sexy does not necessarily mean nudity. You can send a guy sexy and provocative photos that are not nude.

Nude photos may haunt you later if he snaps it using a camera or takes a screenshot. You could create suspense by having a slide show of flirty photos that you will send bit by bit say after every 30 minutes. This way he will keep waiting for the next. You can also send him your own photos in some sexy clothes or swim suits and ask if he could help in choosing what to wear. You should however make sure you are comfortable before you start sending him the sexy photos.

Send him his own photo If you are flirting with someone you know, you can send him a nice pic of himself followed by something flattering or sexy about him. Let him know he means a lot to you and that you miss him. The most important thing is to ensure you engage him and create suspense that will leave him longing for more photos or else you will make him lose interest. In addition, it is important that you gauge a guy’s interest and reactions lest you end up stalking someone.