This Is What Happened When We Asked Celebs For Their Favourite Snapchat Filters

The dog? The autumn leaves? Or no filter at all?

1. Maleek Berry

He chose the sepia filter: “Let me get the one that makes everyone look nice.”

2. Nadia Rose

She chose this filter, saying: “I thought these were flames, but they are leaves.”

3. Munroe Bergdorf

“This is cute, OK, sexy pink panda.”

4. Bossman Birdie

He tried to find a filter that he saw before that scared his daughter but it had been removed, so he chose this one, saying: “This one is cool, because I still look fly”.

5. Lotto Boyzz

“That is so funny.”

6. Shakka


He had the hardest time finding a filter.

But eventually he chose…

… no filter.