How To Unblock A Deleted Friend On Snapchat

Unblock Deleted Friend On SnapchatForget about permanent ties and connections- Snapchat banks on the ephemeral. This is the app’s whole selling point. Videos, pictures (known within the Snapchat community as “Snaps”) and other shared content never lasts more than a day on the app. Everything is temporary- even your own friendships. Yes, you heard that right. Ever had someone send inappropriate content to you? Got some annoying spammers? You can easily kick them out of your life just by blocking or deleting them from your friends list.

Trouble is, it’s so easy for you to unblock or delete someone if you’re not careful. While the friends that you’ve blocked/deleted will not be notified that you have done such, still it will be kind of awkward when they find out that you’re missing from their friends list and are unable to send Snaps or messages to you. To get yourself out of this sticky situation, just follow the steps outlined below.

Steps on How to Unblock a Deleted Friend on Snapchat

1. Understand that deleting is not the same as blocking.

First things first. You have to understand that blocking is very different from deleting. If you block someone, his or her name will still be on your friends list, albeit in a lower position than before. They won’t be able to send you anything. Deleting, on the other hand, means that that person will be completely removed from your friends list.

2. First see whether you’ve blocked or deleted someone.

Go to your friends list and scroll down. All of the names located beneath the red line (can be found near the bottom of the list) are all of the people that you’ve blocked. If the name that you’re looking for is not there, then chances are that you’ve already deleted that particular person. If he or she is simply blocked, click on their name, tap on the gear icon, and choose “Unblock.”

3. Re-add the deleted friend back to your friends list.

You need to add the deleted friend back to your friends list if you want to receive and send Snaps with them once more. You can do this in two ways:

a. On the “My Friends” screen, tap on the upper right corner, and then tap on the search icon. In the search box, type in their username. If found, you can click on the “Add Friend” icon located on the right side of the name. The friend will receive a friend request, subject to their approval. If they accept the request, you’ll be able to see their name in your friends list once more.

b. If you don’t know their username, you can try inputting their phone number into the app. Chances are, their phone is connected to the app. Simply head on over to your Snapchat friends page, choose phone contacts, and then type in the number. It is important to note that once you’ve deleted someone from your friends list, you won’t be able to add them again immediately. Wait at least 24 hours if you want to add someone up again.