How To Upload Images To Snapchat Story

Upload Images To Snapchat StoryWith 2014 being declared a year of selfies, Snapchat app (a photo messaging application) gained popularity; where users can record videos, take photos, add captions and share them with their friends. A unique feature in this app is the Snapchat story where users capture moments as a Snapchat story and then share it. Over the recent past, there has been much controversy on how to upload images to snapchat story and whether it is even possible to upload it from the phone gallery or camera roll. Here are steps on how to upload images to snapchat story.

Step 1: Understand how snapchat story works

The Android and iOS Snapchat apps enables you to share your photos with your friends and followers on a real-time basis. The app does not allow users to share or rather upload photos directly from the Android Photo Gallery or iOS Camera Roll. As a result, after the initial launch of the app, numerous complementally or rather third party apps such as SuperSnap, SnapShare, and SnapRoll were developed to help upload images to snapchat story from the mobile device. However, over the recent past, Snapchat has banned all complementally apps from accessing it, citing security risks and violation of the Terms of Use.

Step 2: Take a photo or video

Now that we have understood that it is not possible to upload images from gallery to your snap story; let me tell you what you can do. • Take a photo or record a video with Snapchat. • You can add caption to your image by tapping on the image which can be edited by selecting the ‘T’ symbol in upper right corner of the screen. • You can as well add a filter by swiping the screen left. • Set the timer for your video or photo which will determine the length of time the image will last on the screen.

Step 3: Add to story

There two basic ways of adding a video or image or to your snapstory: • Add automatically by clicking the ‘+’ button at the bottom left of the screen• Use the ‘next’ arrow and then in the Send To option, check the My Story checkbox.

Step 4: Add more images and videos

To add more videos and images follow the above steps; the images and videos will be added the end of your story such that when you friends view your story will be able to access the entire loop of all snaps you have uploaded. Step

5: Editing the Snapchat story

The editing capabilities are quite simple but also limiting. The only editing options available are, delete, download, add caption and add filters. The last two options have already discussed in the previous steps. You can save or delete photos or videos from your story by: • Go to My Friends list • Select your name • You will see a list of the snaps you have uploaded • Tap on an image and you will option to delete the photo from your story or save it to your gallery. The editing capabilities are limiting because users cannot change or edit the order in which the photos appear in your story.

Step 6: Tell your story

With the ability to upload unlimited number of snaps to your story (you can create an entire album); you can now tell and also show your friends what you have been up to in the past 24 hours.