How to view other people Snapchat memories

view other people Snapchat memories

view other people Snapchat memoriesNow that Snapchat’s new feature called “Memories” has gone live, Snapchat users can expect their Snaps and Pictures to stay around for a far longer time. Of course, since Snapchat is grounded on social aspects, the share button will always have a place in the main interface. But how do you get inside other people’s Memories without having them share it to you on a social media platform?

Here’s how to view other people Snapchat Memories:  But before that, you may ask: “Is Memories going to have the same type of sharing in pictures placed in albums, much like Instagram?” Snapchat’s Memories puts you in control on how what Snaps and Pictures you want to share, and which ones you’d like to keep private. You won’t have to worry about the photos being leaked by someone who happens to see your phone unlocked, nor can you just browse on a Snapchat user’s profile and see their Memories.

What the new feature does is provide an option for Snapchat users to save their precious moments caught on camera on cloud, thereby saving that “Memory” for later use. Users will also have the ability to create Stories from previously saved Snaps on their Memories tab.

Step 1

To know how to view other people’s Memories in Snapchat, you’ll have to be familiar with how Memories works. This new feature can be accessed once you go to the App or Play Store and update your Snapchat app. Once updated, open your Snapchat and it will be on the main interface. Memories will be located just below the camera icon. Swipe it up to reveal options on how to save your Snaps and Pictures- To Memories, which means it will be saved on a cloud or to your Camera Roll, which means it will be saved on the device you’re currently using. Furthermore, you can access the finer feature settings for Memories in Snapchat’s settings if you ever need to tweak it according to your preference.

Step 2

Is there a way to view other people’s Memories in its entirety without you grabbing their phone and looking it up? The short answer is no. When you access your own Snapchat Memories, you’ll find there’s a section called “My Eyes Only”. When you choose to save under the Memories and in this folder, the app forces you to create a password or PIN to prevent prying eyes from seeing the Snaps you save here.

Step 3

The only way to view other people’s Snapchat Memories is to have them show it to you. The good part here is that Memories is a cloud service, and your Snaps aren’t limited to the smartphone you’ve used. Snapchat users can go ahead and take photos and videos, then save it to Memories for later viewing. When your friend or family member wants to show you the Snaps they’ve taken, they can simply grab a device, log in their Snapchat account and access the Memories from the main interface. Of course, Snapchat will not show them the folder labeled “My Eyes Only” unless they want- from there, they will have to put in their password.