What Should I Send A Girl On SnapchatSo many people are flirting via Snapchat at the moment, it’s easy and fun to use but the downfall is you only have up to 10 seconds to convey a message. Not to mention that photos can be easily misinterpreted, misunderstood or just generally confuse the girl you are chatting to. So how do you overcome these hurdles and what is the key to a playful and flirty Snapchat exchange?

What should I send a girl on Snapchat?

It’s a common enough scenario, many girls go “selfie” mad taking hundreds of photos of themselves a day, so she may seemingly effortlessly and confidently send you an adorable snap and you will not know what to send back.

Here’s 7 simple ideas for Snapchat flirting success:

1. Share your interests – Don’t be afraid to take a picture of something you are working on that you think she might be interested in. If you are writing, reading, building something or even making an awesome sandwich and you are chatting to her snap and share a photo of it. There are only so many photos of your face you can send her!

2. Try to keep it clean! – Playful yet innocent is the best way to flirt on Snapchat. Remember that with screen captures and social media a misjudged snap could spread like wildfire. Also a pushy or heavy post could scare her off. Light and playful is the way to play it.

3. Use that sense of humour – Jokes and general funnies are great ice breakers. Whether it’s a groan-worthy pun or a side splitting gag, you don’t have to be a comedian to use humour to your advantage. Just avoid particularly offensive or cheesy clich├ęs to begin with until you know what she finds funny.

4. Wait for a reply – By all means send her a Snap first, but wait for a reply before sending your next message. Don’t bombard the poor girl with photo after photo. Always remember that you do not know what is going on in her life and you run the risk of annoying or upsetting her if you send constant messages. Unless she is feeling upset and needs reassurance do not be afraid to wait a few hours before replying.

5. Relate to her Snaps – Try to send similar themed Snaps on occasion. For example if she sends you a snap of a book she’s reading or homework she’s doing send her a snap of the essay you are plugging away at or the text book that your drink is sitting on that you are supposed to be reading through. Making connections between your life and hers, however vague shows that you are paying attention.

6. Smile! – It’s okay to feel low and it’s okay to be honest about how you are but try to be upbeat and positive most of the time in your Snaps! Everyone gets upset and angry but it can be boring or upsetting if you only focus on the negatives when you are talking to her. Good luck and remember, don’t second guess your Snaps to much, and just be yourself!