How to Use Snapchat on Windows Phones

Windows Phones SnapchatDo you use Windows Phone and want to use Snapchat? As of now, Snapchat is officially only available for iOS and Android devices. Microsoft may soon make Windows Phone compatible with Snapchat so that you can begin to enjoy snapping photos, sharing videos with captions and enjoy the other features of Snapchat from your Windows Phone. Until then, there are a few ways you can use Snapchat on Windows Phone.

How to use Snapchat on Windows Phones

Step 1: Use 6Snap

There are many third party “unofficial” Snapchat apps that can allow you to enjoy the features of Snapchat on your Windows Phone. 6Snap is the most popular of these apps, developed by Rudy Huyn. You can get the app on the Windows Phone from the official Windows Phone website. Visit store and hit the link to Apps+Games.

Type in 6Snap in the search bar. Click on the app and you’ll be taken to the details page. The 6Snap app is 6 MB in size, and it is free to use. It offers a number of features such as sharing pictures and videos, inserting captions before sharing, drawing and adding text to your pictures, using both front and back cameras etc. You can download the app into your Windows Phone manually and install following the instructions.

Note that Snapchat has become conscious of security lapses that many third party apps create. There have been a number of personal accounts being compromised – photos and videos stolen etc. – because of third party apps. Snapchat cannot protect your security if you use third party apps, so you will be violating the terms and conditions of Snapchat if you use the apps.

There have been some cases of Snapchat sending account locking threats to users of 6Snap. There is nothing you can do about this, until a Snapchat version for Windows Phone is made available. You can go ahead and keep using the 6Snap account with your fingers crossed, since that is your best option right now, if you want to enjoy Snapchat’s features.

Step 2: Use alternative third party apps

There are a few other third party apps that you can use with your Windows Phone. These include Sicher, Snappy, Wickr, Stealth Messenger, Flammo, d-note, SnapHack and Confide. Most of these apps are created based on the concept of self-destructive messages. In other words, your messages will disappear forever once they’ve been read. Snappy can be used on your Mac device, while German app Sicher is secure and free, offering encrypted security.

Step 3: Use alternatives from Microsoft

If you don’t want to risk Snapchat blocking your “unofficial” Snapchat accounts, you can try Microsoft’s answer to Snapchat, which is the WindUp app for Windows Phone. This app, like Snapchat, will let you send messages that disappear after they have been read. Unlike the newest version of the original Snapchat in which you can enjoy live video chat, you can only share photos and videos on WindUp. However, until Microsoft’s design lead comes to an agreement with Snapchat to host their app on Windows Phone, these are your few options.