What does Yellow Heart emoji in Snapchat mean?

Yellow Heart emoji in Snapchat meanYou’ve seen it before. You’re sending snaps to someone frequently, and suddenly there is a Yellow Heart emoji next to their name on your home page. What does it mean? Many people wonder this, and this article will answer all of your questions about Snapchat and emojis.

If you remember the best friend list, which showed the people you snap most frequently with, then the use of emojis is very similar to the old ranking system. Different emojis will mean different things in regards to who you are snapping and your determined relationship with that person.  There are six different emojis, one being the yellow heart.

This Yellow Heart emoji in Snapchat will show up on your homepage, next to a your friend’s name. It could be said to be the symbol of a “best friend”; this is the person you send the most snaps to and you are also the person that they send the most snaps to. They are known as the number one best friend and the person you are sending more snaps to than anyone else. This new ranking system is definitely fun and interesting. There are five other emojis that are used and that can appear next to one of your friends’ names:

1. The grimacing face This is the emoji that has its teeth out and looks like it is irritated or perplexed. If one of your friends has this face next to their name, that means that your number one best friend is also their number one best friend. Feeling jealous?

2. The face with sunglasses Also known as the cool emoji, this face indicates that you share a common best friend with this person.

3. The suggestive face This indicates that someone is sending you a lot of snaps, but you aren’t returning the favor. The addition of this face might make that a bit creepy.

4. Normal smiling face This indicates a best friend, but not your number one best friend (which would be shown with the yellow heart).

5. Fire This regards what Snapchatters call a “snapstreak”. This will appear by someone’s name when you are snapping them consecutively over at least three days. It will show how many days you have been snapping if you get curious, and it is definitely fun to try and keep it going! It’s all quite straightforward and adds a fun flare to Snapchat. The yellow heart indicates your best best friend, the one that is always snapping you and the one you are always snapping back.

If the yellow heart suddenly disappears, this means that either you are snapping someone else more, or that former number one best friend has started snapping someone more than you. This ranking feature is definitely easy to follow once you learn what all of the different emojis mean, but since many users were used to the best friend list, it was definitely a shock to go on Snapchat one day and see emojis next to peoples’ names. Snapchat is growing more and more popular as a social media application and it is great that they are adding new twists and features.